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When Productizing Services, Don’t Sell Effort — Sell Outcomes

by Steve Schneider

Customers typically don’t care about how long a project takes you. What matters to them is that you deliver the agreed upon results. That is why a growing number of technology services providers are re-strategizing how they package and sell their offerings.

They are moving away from hourly-based rates and instead adopting value-based pricing models. And while some organizations have taken steps to productize their services, operational components, like automating the buying and selling of these service outcomes, remain challenging.

Why Sell Outcomes?

Think about it. Would you rather buy 20 hours’ worth of work or a guaranteed outcome? A growing number of services providers are putting client benefits first–and with good reason. Customers are expecting more from their vendors than ever before. This rise in consumer expectations has been dubbed “The Amazon Effect.” Customers are used to companies understanding and predicting their preferences and delivering personalized service quickly and at their time of need.

Positioning professional and managed services in this way makes it easier to sell them. Services become essential — a means to driving a specific result for your clients. Companies looking to make the shift to value-based pricing should think about how to standardize their offerings. What repeat service requests do you receive? What services do you most commonly deliver to your clients? What do these services help your clients achieve? What benefits do they deliver? Certainly your pricing can be based on how long this engagement typically takes you, but a sales pitch anchored by a clearly-defined result is much more powerful than one keyed to a timeframe.

Selling Services as Pre-Packaged Solutions

Value-based pricing isn’t just a good idea — it is an urgent need. Some companies have already made the move to productizing their services, but no one has operationalized the buying and selling of those services… until now. The WorkRails Service Catalog Platform allows technology providers to productize their services and market them as predefined outcomes, embedded at a customer’s point of need.

Let’s say you have standardized your services offerings and even created service briefs or marketing brochures. Those are probably in PDF format, right? You email them to your customers and make them available for download from your site. Well, WorkRails takes that one step further and integrates your services offerings into your product, portal, website, or email. Then your customers can learn about those services when they are actually relevant to them. You are pitching your value-based offering at their exact time of need! You are also automating the delivery of those services.

It is time to embrace value pricing. Your customers have! With WorkRails’ help, you can seamlessly sell services designed with customer outcomes in mind.

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