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Taking your services from PDFs to actionable Service Catalog Items

by Steve Schneider

Cyber Monday seems to be an appropriate day to write a blog that mentions Amazon, as I’m sure that a good percentage of our readers have been on that site in the past few days. At WorkRails, we sometimes use Amazon as an example of the ultimate experience our clients should aspire to create for their customers seeking services.

All of the companies we work with are at different stages of their “Services Evolution.”  Some understand the growing importance of improving their services ecosystem and are beginning to explore options to do so, while others have already dedicated significant resources towards making their services easy to find, understand, and engage for their customers, partners, and employees.

In the latter group, even the most sophisticated companies–the ones that have already standardized their services, productized specific offerings, and created client-facing web pages and PDFs of those services–are missing a final element that was key to Amazon’s unimaginable success. Drumroll please…

That crucial element is the ability to very easily complete a transaction and take delivery of what was ordered.  Why is this final step never simple when engaging services? And why do repeatable services that are being delivered by professionals day in and day out still require so many steps before delivery actually starts?

In defense of all service providers, this is no easy task. There are parallels to Amazon and other companies that sell products, but there are a number of factors complicating the delivery of services that those selling products don’t have to deal with. We built WorkRails to help solve this. Our platform helps manage everything from productizing services, to creating catalogs and making them easily accessible, to managing delivery resources, order routing, payment, and ratings.

Afterall, where would Amazon be today if after you found what you wanted and added it to your cart, nothing happened? What if the  process stopped there? Productizing your services and making them easy for your customers to find is no small feat. The next step, though, is to automate the buying and delivery of those services so the entire process is seamless. We help you make your offerings easier to find, and we automate that last piece too, so your customers can have a truly Amazon-like experience.