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Selling Services Should and Can be Easy

by Workrails Admin

It’s not always the case, but in many technology companies, the sales team is so focused on selling its software and products that selling services becomes an afterthought. For many, the process is cumbersome and margins are lower than they should be.

With the growth of the subscription model, product adoption and time to value are becoming increasingly important concepts, as is the need to upsell and cross-sell services to your clients. Despite this, most innovation in the services space focuses on the “post launch” management of projects, resources, and utilization rates. There has been little to no innovation on the front of the funnel to speed up the sales cycle, increase revenues, or even organize how a company sells its services. From a customer standpoint, services discovery and engagement is almost always a painful process.

At WorkRails, having lived the pain ourselves, we can’t explain the lack of focus on services sales, but we have made it our mission to address it. Our goal is not just to build a better, faster, cheaper version of what already exists, but to re-think and simplify the entire process. It starts with creating a centralized database of your services portfolio and empowering your sales and services team to make those services easily discoverable and actionable. We believe that selling services is critical to customer success, and we have built amazing new tools to make it easy for your teams to sell your services, and for your customers to buy them. Our Service Catalog Platform adds intelligence and automation throughout the sales process with features like data-driven selling, catalog embeddability, and click-to-buy functionality.

WorkRails is building the new world order for services sales. Contact us to find out how easy it is to get on board.

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