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What is a Services Catalog Platform?

A Service Catalog Platform (SCP) is an eCommerce catalog built to make selling and delivering services easy.  It works like leading eCommerce solutions such as Shopify, but it’s built for selling services instead of products.  What makes an SCP unique is its ability to productize a myriad of services, connect those services to labor for delivery and manage the work in a central location.

What types of companies use the WorkRails Services Catalog Platform?

Software companies, System Integrators, VARs and OEMs all use WorkRails.  They recognize the importance of offering services alongside their core products to drive revenue and retention.

What can be sold with a Service Catalog?

Professional Service offerings that are sold by technology related companies are the most popular services.  Examples include:

  • “Block of Solution Architect Hours”
  • “Customer Success Implementation Package”
  • “Data Modeling Architecture Consultation”
  • “Premium Onboarding Service”
  • “Migration Services”
  • “Health Check”

The price our customers set for their services can range from free to $500,000 depending on the depth and complexity of the project.  

What are the benefits of using a Service Catalog?

Overall, services become easy to sell and deliver when they are described clearly for your clients who buy and the consultants who deliver the services.  With WorkRails, you will see:

  • An increase in revenue - by standardizing and digitizing your services, they are easier for your team to sell and your customers to buy.
  • An increase in retention - as your clients consume more services, they get more value from their software purchase, thus boosting retention.
  • An increase in project quality - by organizing work through catalogs and centralized project management, quality increases.
  • An increase in organization - cataloging all your service offerings creates a “system of record” for services that is easy to update and edit.

How do you manage resource allocation?

When you add services to our platform, you can connect those services to Talent Clouds and our Smart Routing features to ensure work gets sent to the correct resources.  Talent Clouds allow you to curate groups of people eligible to deliver specific services.  Talent Clouds can be built for internal or external talent.  Smart Routing automatically assigns launched projects to the people, teams or partners that are best suited to deliver the service items.  

What is Project Room?

Project Room is our project management solution.  When a service is launched from a catalog, your customers and delivery team can collaborate on the work in one central location.  The Project Room tracks the Statement of Work, milestones, team, communication, documents, time management, payments, expenses and all project details through completion.  

We have channel partners who sell our product, how can we use a Service Catalog?

Several of our clients sell directly and via channel partners.  When you build service items, you can connect the delivery of those items to specific partners.  In this case, those partners will be responsible for delivering the work.  You will still be able to manage the overall work quality, receive updates in real-time and have full view into the project via our Project Room.  You can also build service catalogs for your partners that are sold directly to your customers.

What payment options do I have?

At the conclusion of the POC and the start of either the Enterprise or Enterprise + plan, you can elect to pay monthly, or yearly.  Commitments of one year or more will receive a discount.  

Are there any cancellation fees?

If a client is not satisfied with our platform, after 90 days they can cancel their agreement with us.  

What features are included with your subscription plans?

Please request a discovery call to learn more. Book here

How long does onboarding take?

Our Client Success team can get you up and running with a few online dedicated sessions.  However, our Client Success and Support team will ALWAYS available to help and support you.  

Are there any best practices guidelines that you recommend for productizing our services portfolio?

Most businesses that leverage our catalog platform have lots of repeat service requests.  We suggest cataloging all of those services first.  Over time you can update, edit and modify your service offerings and optimize for price, project hours and resource allocation.  

How do you manage your customers?

We have dedicated Client Success executives for each of our clients.  You will have access to this team of professionals to help you with our platform and make sure you are leveraging all features and getting a great return.  In addition, we have a support to back-up our Client Success executives.  

How do you ensure my data is secure?

WorkRails uses the latest security processes and technologies to ensure the security of your data. Our security infrastructure is continuously monitored both internally and externally and instantly alerts our operations team of any suspicious activity or system fault.  If you would like more detailed information about our security policies, please contact sales.   

What is the WorkRail’s mission?

Our mission is to make selling and delivering services easy.  

Who works at WorkRails?

Our team of founders and executives have extensive experience in building and scaling work-management platforms, labor platforms, marketplaces and data businesses.  Our entire company is dedicated to making work better for everyone.  Click here to see our leadership team.  

We are also growing and in search of superstars for our business, click here to see our job openings.  
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