3 Top Takeaways from TSW San Diego 2017 Hosted by TSIA

by James Droskoski on May 22, 2017

At the 2017 Technology Services World (TSW) conference in San Diego, we heard keynotes from industry visionaries and met one-on-one with leaders from tech companies and services organizations to discuss professional services challenges and opportunities. The WorkRails team left the event invigorated, inspired, and more confident than ever before in professional services’ pivotal role in fueling customer adoption and retention. Let’s take a look at some of the key takeaways:

3 reasons P.S. is critical to the success of any SaaS company

by Nick Lauricella on May 1, 2017

When we talk to SaaS software companies and ask them how they are handling their professional services delivery, we often hear responses such as:

Software Companies-help your customers get the results they want by delivering the services they need.

by Steve Schneider on April 13, 2017

WorkRails recently conducted a survey of several thousand software users to discuss their buying behaviors when it comes to professional services.  The survey yielded some interesting insight that confirms what we already know-- to avoid churn, today’s software companies must include an on-demand services strategy.

Selling via Services

by Nick Lauricella on March 28, 2017

TSIA recently shared an article that traces the shift in how buyers get the information they need to inform purchasing decisions.  What used to stem entirely from sales gradually moved to a mix that includes marketing and sales. Now, we’re starting to see yet another change, where sales, marketing and --for the first time-- services drives purchasing decisions.

Professional Services Meet eCommerce

by James Droskoski on March 15, 2017

The service economy is quickly growing all around us.  According to recent estimates, the service economy is expected to reach 3.8 trillion by 2025.  At the same time, we’re seeing another shift, which is the movement towards shorter-term and project based service work.

Get Ready To Scale Services -- And Don’t Rely On Google To Do It

by James Droskoski on February 17, 2017

A new study caught our eye that talks about what we already know-- that professional services are and will continue to be an increasing part of revenue as we continue to see a shift to the cloud.  

Democracy on Rails

by Florin Ardelian on February 9, 2017

While half of the Romanian Facebook users are praising McDonald’s for free coffee, I want to thank WorkRails for their support.

Love Services AND Your Clients

by Steve Schneider on January 18, 2017

In his article entitled Learn to Love Services, Aaron Ross makes some salient and logical points around why tech companies should embrace professional services as an excellent source of revenue.

Salesforce Just Showed All Software Companies Why Services Matter

by Jeff Leventhal on January 6, 2017

The global (SaaS) market is expected to break $50 billion in product spending by 2024, up from $12bn this year.  But where is that growth coming from? In part, from service offerings.  While the focus of SaaS has historically been on the first S (software), we are about to see a shift where the connection between software services and revenue growth comes more into play.

Thanks ADP For Building Tools That Matter To Consultants, Independent Contractors And The On-Demand Workforce

by James Droskoski on January 3, 2017

ADP recently announced that in an effort to better serve the on-demand economy, the payroll processor company is testing a new mobile app that will help freelance and independent workers access and manage payment and related tax information. ADP is hoping to reach the almost 55 million freelance workers, or roughly 35 percent of the US workforce.