Our team sees opportunity in between the fabric that layers into our world. We love discussing what's possible and designing solutions to problems that impact millions of people. It's hard work and start-ups aren’t for everyone. There is something about enterprise software and professional services that intrigues us. Millions of people spend countless hours using business applications and we’re on a mission to make their day better. We’re building a better engagement model for professional services that will drive client retention, save lots of time and money and deliver incredible results. We’re innovating in a multi billion dollar market.

We’ve been around the block building companies and we value certain things. The well being of our team and family comes first. Our offices are designed to be kid friendly, pet friendly and we prefer healthy food. We play on sports teams and think it's a good idea to keep fitness equipment around the office. We respect budgets, meet deadlines and always delight our clients and respect our vendors. Our headquarters are in Huntington, NY and we have offices in New York City as well.

Jeff Leventhal

Jeff Leventhal - Founder

Jeff is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO with a 5x track record of building market moving companies. He has consistently lead technology companies from idea through exit, driving the vision, product, team development, financing, acquisitions and exit strategies. Jeff’s primary areas of focus include SaaS technology in the IT services, staffing and human capital spaces. Most recently, Jeff was the Founder and CEO of Work Market, a SaaS enterprise platform providing an end to end solution for managing independent workers and freelancers. Previously, he was the founder and CEO of OnForce (sold to Adecco), Lansafe Network Services, Remote Lojix (sold to AvTel).

Brooke Dixon

Brooke Dixon - Product

Brooke brings 20 years of technical experience buiding commercial web applications typically working as a member of the founding team to take an idea from concept to product. In addition to his technical experience, Brooke also brings a great deal of industry knowledge as he was the Co-Founder and developer of the employment marketplace Hourly.com prior to joining the WorkRails team.

Jamie Proctor

Jamie Proctor - Operations

Jamie is a business operator with over 20 years of experience focused on delivering efficiency to every facet of a business. Jamie’s dual-background in technology and finance has been cultivated through experience at both startups and Fortune 500 corporations. Previously, Jamie was the co-founder of Sweigh (sold to CPXi), a social data and analytics startup. He was also a Managing Director at JPMorgan and held sales and business development roles at technology startups GoAmerica and Net2Phone.

Steven Schneider

Steven Schneider - Business Development

After a successful career in finance, Steve decided to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and join the start-up world. He began as an investor several years ago, but has dedicated the past few years to working with and advising start-ups involved in Enterprise software, Social Media, and Virtual Reality. Steve brings a wealth of experience building teams, managing clients, pioneering technology, and driving businesses. Much of his career was spent at Merrill Lynch, where he was a Managing Director, responsible for a product with over 50 employees, spanning seven countries, and generating over $150mm of annual revenues.

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James Droskoski - Sales

James is an experienced enterprise SaaS entrepreneur and sales executive with a history of bringing innovative technologies, marketplaces, and services to market. He has been involved with software start-ups for 20 years. Most recently, James was responsible for helping build and execute the sales and customer acquisition strategy at WorkMarket. During his 5+ year tenure, he established sales best practices and procured some of the company’s largest and most notable customer accounts. In the late 90s, James was one of the early team members of AGENCY.COM which became one of the largest interactive marketing agencies in the world, went public and was then acquired by Omnicom. James has had a consistent track record of sales leadership and product development while developing and positioning disruptive, high value technology solutions for enterprise customers.


Shelby - Office Dog

Shelby is our resident golden retriever. The moment you step into our offices she will be sure to be the first one to greet you. Beware, once you show her any attention, she will be relentless in reminding you that your sole reason for the visit was to see her and her only.