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4 Ways to Sell More Services with Connected Teams

by James Droskoski

In TSIA’s latest blog post “4 Ways to Start Engaging Customer Success and Services Teams in the Sales Process” they focus on the pressure many companies across the tech industry are under to do more with less. They believe a way to do more with less is by leveraging the Services and Customer Success teams to help expand selling. Considering both of these teams have rapport with your customers, TSIA states that their non-salesy demeanor will allow them to interact with your customers “5-15x more often than their Sales counterparts.” Services and Customer Success teams build trust with customers by listening to customer issues and helping resolve them, opening up the ability to sell through helping.

In their blog TSIA covers 4 ways they believe both Services and Customer Success teams can get involved in the sales process. After we went through each of the four stages we realized that our platform can automate these recommendations. This is how:

Stage 1: Gathering and leveraging Account Intelligence

TSIA’s first recommendation is to have Services and Customer Success teams meet and share data with Sales and Marketing. The issue here is getting all these teams together in one place as well as figuring out which data is relevant to share. We believe we simplify this by connecting all teams on one platform, allowing them to create standardized service offerings they can offer to their customers, called a Service Catalog Platform. The data and analytics captured through our platform can be pushed into any CRM, PSA, or marketing automation tool through APIs. Using our Service Catalog allows you to learn quickly and become reactive ensuring you are offering your customers the right services at the right time.

Stage 2: Participate in the Sales Process

TSIA talks about Services and Customer Success getting involved in the sales process by “up-telling”. This means teaching customers how to use features that they are already paying for but aren’t yet using. “56% of customers who have been trained on features and functions are likely to use those new features.” – TSIA Research. Through our Service Catalog Platform we give the Services and CS teams the ability to productize training services as well as our SOW Builder to further configure and customize services giving them an easy way to get involved in the sales process.

Stage 3: Generate Leads

TSIA says, “leads generating from services and customer success teams can cost between $7 and $25 (Marketing leads cost 10x as much) and close between 20 and 25% of the time.” Imagine lowering the cost per lead even further by capturing inbound leads from a customer facing Service Catalog. Allow your customers to learn more about your services and take action on their own.

“Around 10-15% of Services professionals are already sending leads for new opportunities to their Sales counterparts.”

Stage 4: Close Deals

TSIA talks about the Services and CS teams being tasked with upselling and closing deals. TSIA says these teams should be working on closing deals that fall into their STAR protocol.

  • Simple
  • Transactional
  • Analytics-Driven
  • Repeatable

We believe service offerings that fit in the STAR framework are a perfect fit for the Work Rail’s Service Catalog platform. With these types of services productized in a catalog, your services and CS teams will be selling services easier than ever.

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