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3 Things Technology Services Providers Can Learn from Amazon

by Workrails Admin

Customers expect more from companies than ever before. They want answers to their questions when they need them and seamless, personalized shopping experiences and easily accessible assistance when they need help.

Increased customer expectations are in part a result of “The Amazon Effect.” The ecommerce juggernaut is famously customer-centric. Its intuitive UX, personalized product recommendations, fast and free shipping, exceptional app, and lauded customer service program raised the bar for online experiences.

The good news is that companies, like Amazon, that can meet or exceed customer expectations will be rewarded with repeat purchases, brand loyalty, and even advocacy, in which customers actively recommend the brand to others. Conversely, those organizations that cannot keep up will lose ground and risk having unhappy clients’ poor customer service experiences broadcasted via Facebook posts, Tweets, online reviews, and other viral channels.

Let’s take a look at a few lessons technology service providers can learn from Amazon.

1. Improve your customer response time

Customer service always matters, but if you are in a subscription-based segment like SaaS, it is particularly important. You need those clients to renew.

According to research from the IBM Institute for Business Value, 81 percent of consumers demand improved response times. Getting customers what they need, when they need it–whether they are looking for support, service, or an answer to a simple question– will increase customer satisfaction and contribute to customer success.

2. Get serious about personalization

Consumers have become accustomed to personalized experiences. They expect a business to understand, even anticipate, their needs, and to offer relevant products, information, and experiences, akin to Amazon product recommendations.

People, particularly younger generations, are increasingly comfortable sharing data in exchange for personalized experiences. Organizations have to put the processes, people, and technology in place to gather, analyze, and use customer data to deliver the personalization consumers have come to expect.

3. Deliver services the way Amazon delivers products

Amazon didn’t just change the game for online retailers. People expect flawless digital experiences whether they are buying a kitchen appliance or technology services. Technology services companies need to take an “on-demand” approach to delivering support, service, information, or anything else a customer might need.

You don’t have to be Amazon to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Certainly, technology has given way to new customer demands, but it has also made it possible to meet them. WorkRails allows technology services providers to productize their services and offer them via a Service Catalog, accessible at a customer’s point of need.

Now you can sell and deliver services as easily as companies sell and deliver products on Amazon. Ready to learn more? Contact WorkRails today.