Scale Your Services Business With Automation

Become a corporate growth engine by dramatically reducing the friction of selling professional, managed and educational services

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WorkRails automates all aspects of the sales motion, from initial discovery to final approval.

A discovery process designed to educate, guide and recommend

Build service catalogs, guided selling and eCommerce experiences that walk both buyers and sellers through standardized workflows. Host inside of your CRM, LMS, external portal or website. Reduce the phone calls, emails and back and forth associated with discovery.

Scope with ease, confidence and consistency

Digital scoping allows for rapid development of project goals, requirements, milestones, deliverables and resources. Administrators control all scope parameters which eliminates errors and creep by setting rules and standards for users.

Build quotes rapidly

The WorkRails’ CMS lets administrators manage all services content, resource logic, pricing and terms & conditions in a single platform. This allows users to build accurate quotes in seconds including Statements of Work (SOWs), Master Service Agreements, estimates, proposals and presentations.

Approve systematically

Connect to an existing approval chain in your CRM or leverage WorkRails to create approval paths. Routing rules support complex workflows based on region, deal size, service type and include single, parallel or consecutive approval chains. Say goodbye to email approvals and missed approvers.

Connect to where work gets done

Push and pull data between your important business systems including CRM, CPQ, ERP, PSA and external facing portals. No more manual entry; all systems are updated in real time with 100% accuracy with WorkRails’ integrations.

Delight your employees, partners and customers

By dramatically reducing the friction associated with your selling services, your team will book more business, your partners will close more deals and your customers will love growing with you.