We help software companies deliver professional services.

Drive better customer outcomes and increase retention.

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How it works

Invite consultants to talent clouds

Professional service employees, consultants, and partners join talent clouds.

Embed on-demand access

Create a customized experience to connect your users to your talent network at the push of a button.

Enable successful outcomes

Projects stay on track through our real-time workform allowing for online collaboration and completion.

Analyze & optimize

WorkRails custom reports provide insights on appointments, ratings, projects, rates and use cases.

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Software Company Benefits

Better customer experience

Your clients will experience a faster ROI and TTV when they have easier access to services from your consulting network.

Smarter decisions

Generate insightful reports that inform your product roadmap and profitability of your professional services ecosystem.

More revenue

There is a services economy that happens around all software products. Don’t lose control of yours.

Retain more clients

When your users get the maximum value from your software, they remain loyal customers.

WorkRails Features

Talent Clouds

Our platform allows software companies to organize and connect their professional services employees, partners, and freelancers.

  • Invite your professional services people into curated Talent Clouds
  • Build workflow routing preferences that optimize cost and quality
  • Rating systems allow for transparent meritocracy

With the customizable code snippet you can embed professional service access where your users need it

  • Customize the experience of how your clients book and hire consultants
  • Create branded buttons, modals, and menus in your software products
  • Market services to clients through your application or websites
Our Platform

Our platform simplifies how work gets done between clients and consultants and ensures that projects stay on track

  • Project requests are routed to vetted consultants for review.
  • Clients and Consultants collaborate on project goals, statement of work and budget
  • Payments & ratings happen at the conclusion of a project.
Our Platform