The Service Catalog Platform

Increase revenue and service quality through productization and automation

Delivering the right outcomes, at the right time, to more customers, drives faster time to value and most importantly, retention.
Empower your team to cost effectively grow revenue by making it easier to capture services demand.
By automating the workflow from purchase to delivery, your team’s utilization can be increased while reducing costs.

Service Catalog

Define and offer a catalog of productized services and then embed access into your product, portal, website, or emails.  Services can be launched by customers, employees, and partners.

  • Service Item templates for varying use cases
  • Pricing and margin flexibility
  • Service Catalogs can be customized and organized in multiple ways
  • "Click to buy" access can be embedded at your customer's point of need
  • Calendar scheduling 
  • Service credit tracking

Custom Catalogs

catalog example 1.png
catalog example 1.png
catalog example 1.png
catalog example 1.png

Project Room

Replace emails, documents and notes with a collaborative platform that organizes projects by timeline, budgets and milestones.

  • Real-time collaboration between clients and delivery resources
  • SOW, milestone, expense, and time management
  • Project ratings for quality control
  • One system of record for service projects
  • Integrated payment system
  • Reporting & dashboards
Resource Allocation
resource allocation.png

Delivery Resources, whether internal or external, can easily be on-boarded and managed. Routing rules are set to automatically assign projects to the right resources at the right time.


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